A mobile centric Strong Customer Authentication

The advent of smartphone brought us several years ago in a new era, pushing Service providers to reorient their strategy towards an unseen digitalization. The authentication and security questions are now the forefront of their preoccupation. This context and the increasing fraud drove the European authorities to publish new requirements regarding payment (PSD2/RTS), that can drastically deteriorate user experiences.

This is where Trust'n Smart comes in. Trust Designer developed this solution to provide the market with a mobile first authentication solution based on innovative technologies such as biometrics.

Trust'n Smart: free you up from authentication

Authentication is the door entrance to a trustworthy relationship with your client.

The integration of our authentication module (Trust'n Smart Framework) with your OWN rules, into your OWN app can bring you the serenity you needed to focus on value-added services for your customers, while being compliant with European regulation. Adopt Trust'n Smart and say goodbye to long and burdensome integration and learning phases.

Security and simplicity by design

Our mobile-first technology allows you to offer a strong authentication for your app that is simple, evolutive and without any compromise on the security of your customers and their sensitive data.

The solution supports several authentication methods :

  • Something you have: We developed an exclusive technology to strongly verify the smartphone as the first factor
  • Something you know: passwords & passcodes
  • Something you are: embedded biometric technologies developed by handset manufacturer, fingerprint recognition (Natural Security), facial recognition

Our technology also supports OpenID Connect & FIDO.

Trust'n Smart at the heart of your customer relationship

Build trust with your clients based on Trust'n Smart, the core of our authentication engine. Our core engine can address all type of customers and manage many kind of authentication methods through various platforms. In addition, Trust'n Smart can be easily integrated with any bank Access Control Server (ACS) in order to be fully compliant with 3D Secure 2.0 Flows.

Your Rules, Your Customers, Your Services.

Why Trust'n Smart ?



Follow your clients wherever they are: PC, tablet or smartphone



A solution leveraging from the newest technologies for a better acceptance and security


Drive the evolution of your product according to your needs



Fully compliant with latest European directives (PSD2/RTS)

Our partners


EBRC (European Business Reliance Centre) was founded in 2000 in order to meet the challenges of the digital economy, to ensure its safety, and to become a European IT competence centre for the management of sensitive information.

As a specialised ICT provider, it has a worldwide unique offering with three Data Centres Tier IV Design & Facility, certified by the Uptime Institute. More than 15000 m2 of highly secure and “fault-tolerant” white rooms ensure such high availability of its IT infrastructures that EBRC was able to achieve 100% availability in 17 years of operation.

With EBRC, clients can benefit from a complete "one-stop-shop" service centre to assist them in their digital transformation, implement tailor-made projects, help launch their start-ups or set up their activities at the heart of the European Union.

As a renowned centre of excellence, and recognised by more than 60 prestigious Certifications and Awards, EBRC offers a catalogue of high-quality services, its "Trusted Services Europe", which consist of six complementary strategic offerings: Advisory, Cloud Computing, Security, Business Continuity, Data Centre and Managed Services. The company addresses an international and demanding audience in sectors such as Finance, FinTech, Health, Life Sciences, Government and Institutions, Defence, RegTech, Media as well as Space (terrestrial observation).




NSA quadri HD

Natural Security is an innovative mobile service designed to enhance the security of face to face and online transactions, enabling users to securely authenticate to any service providers such as banks, merchants, etc.

The solution combines user’s biometrics and a smartphone app (iOS / Android) to offer a simple, fast and secure experience, according Natural Security Alliance specifications.
More information : www.naturalsecurityalliance.org

About us

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Created in 2008 and strategically based in Lille (EuraTechnologies), Trust Designer has built its expertise on security and authentication driven by user experience. Trust Designer helps its clients on their authentication issues by offering innovative and DSP2 / RTS compliant solutions, based on its Trust'n Smart engine: Strong authentication on smartphone, online and proximity biometric payment, in-app,…

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